Software Engineer (all levels) – Platform Team

Merchant Warehouse is seeking Full Stack Software Engineers to join our Software Engineering team. Merchant Warehouse’s Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform is a breakthrough, industry-first solution that solves the problem of how to support mobile commerce in addition to traditional cash, credit, and debit payments on the merchant countertop all from a single, secure customer engagement device.

Genius enables merchants to take advantage of the increasing disruption, uncertainty and complexity with payment solutions today and turn these conditions into a competitive advantage that helps their business grow rather than be threatened and hurt by it.

Do you want to join a team of 300+ professionals working on the future of secure, mobile payments? An established company that’s still hungry (and growing) like a startup? An industry leader who processes over $10 billion annually from nearly 100k merchants? Read on for more details.

About the Team

The technical staff at Merchant Warehouse believes that code is our currency. Our team is working on the next generation of mobile payments – QR, NFC, Bluetooth, and EMV based digital wallets. Our code literally makes our merchants money and helps provide a less expensive and more seamless checkout experience for their customers.

We believe that small, empowered, self-motivated teams can do big things. Our culture values openness, transparency, empowerment, and innovation above all else. As engineers, you’ll find that we’re a pragmatic bunch who believe in choosing the right tool for the job, and aren’t dogmatic about any particular technology stack. You’ll find a mix of C#, Java, Groovy, Ruby, Node.js, PHP, Perl, and more. As human beings, we believe in contributing back to the community - both through our MW Cares initiative and through our Open Source contributions.

And we’re growing. Our engineering team has grown nearly 300% in 2013, with plans for continued growth in 2014. We expect our payment gateway will process an additional $5 billion in sales and 500MM transactions within the next year. We’re re-investing those returns where we’ll see the highest yield – in you.

About the Job

As an engineer at Merchant Warehouse, you'll be helping us build new and awesome experiences for our merchants and their customers. We're looking for full-stack engineers – your work will touch everything from our databases, business logic, web services, front-end UI/UX, edge services, performance engineering, test automation framework, and Continuous Delivery platform. The teams working on each feature are small and nimble (3-4 engineers and a product manager), and we place a premium on collaboration and locally-made decisions.

We believe in automating all the repetitive, high-risk, and mundane tasks. Testing should be easy to do right. Deployments should be safe, routine and turnkey. Merchant Warehouse’s Continuous Delivery architecture will allow you to safely deliver code to production with the push of a button.

About the Platform Team

Merchant Warehouse’s Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform provides a novel approach to handing credit card payments, securely. By operating as what PCI calls an “out of scope” solution, Genius protects merchants from the credit & debit card breaches that we recently saw affect Target, Michaels, and a number of other large & small retailers.

This unique approach differentiates Genius from its competitors, and is a major reason why we’re rapidly gaining the attention of a number of large retailers who don’t want to be the hackers' next target. We’re looking for talented software engineers who will help us harden our payment gateway, so that we can continue to provide top-notch service to our customers, while handling several orders of magnitude more volume through our gateway.

The platform team is the beating heart of the engineering organization. All of our other development teams and features build atop the foundation that your team provides. Engineers on the platform team are called on to work with a wide array of languages, technologies, applications, and operating systems on an accelerated learning curve. The position includes a mix of:
  • Performance monitoring & engineering
  • Systems architecture & engineering, ensuring that our payment gateway is robust and scalable to thousands of transactions per second
  • Dev/Ops and release engineering
  • Security engineering, including baking penetration testing & white-hat hacking into our SDLC

About You
You’re an engineer who can turn ideas into extremely fast and reliable code that other people – or you, six months into the future – will find easy to understand and extend. You believe in mobile payments’ disruptive power, and know how to write the code that will bring digital payments into the mainstream.
You will be successful in this role if you:
  • Enjoy helping others around you grow as developers and be successful
  • Enjoy being autonomous and self-driven
  • While, at the same time, enjoy working in a collaborative environment
  • Are inspired on a continuous basis. You think of new ideas and like to share them with others
  • Take pleasure in making things
  • Are a continuous learner

What’s Next

If you're interested in joining the team, please send us your resume. You won’t be surprised to hear, though, that we won’t consider it without a cover letter. Let us know how you fit the bill for each of our requirements above. Merchant Warehouse is a place that values individuality and variety, so use your judgment and write to us in your own voice. If you have a web presence (Github, Stack Overflow, Twitter), contribute to an open source project, write a blog, or have interests outside of coding, that means something to us, and we’d love to hear about it too.

About Merchant Warehouse:

Merchant Warehouse is a leading provider of payment technologies and merchant services. The company’s solutions enable merchants to more effectively connect and engage with their customers regardless of how, where or when they choose to shop. Merchant Warehouse’s flagship technology solution, the Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™, supports both traditional and new payment types, including mobile commerce, from a single countertop acceptance device.

Merchant Warehouse offers innovative payment solutions that help online and brick-and-mortar retailers, as well as point-of-sale (POS) developers, value-added resellers (VARs) and agents, strategically grow their business. Merchant Warehouse is one of the fastest growing payment technology companies in North America.

We are an Equal Opportunities Employer. We aim to provide equality of opportunity to all persons regardless of their religious belief; political opinion; sex; race; age; sexual orientation; or, whether they are married or are in a civil partnership; or, whether they are disabled; or whether they have undergone, are undergoing or intend to undergo gender reassignment.

We do not discriminate against our job applicants or employees on any of the grounds listed above. We aim to select the best person for the job and all recruitment decisions will be made objectively.

Please send all resumes to