Excited About the Future of Payments? Tell Us What You #PaidWith!

Jenn Reichenbacher |

July 29, 2013


Is this the year that mobile payments finally comes into its own? We think so!

Consumers everywhere are starting to use mobile and other alternative payment forms on an increasingly regular basis. Whether you’re using the Starbucks mobile app to purchase your latté, swiping your credit card through a Square reader at the local food truck or paying rent with PayPal, chances are you’re breaking out of the cash-and-plastic rut. Maybe you’re even checking out cool loyalty-based apps like Belly or LevelUp to get rewarded for visiting your favorite stores. It’s all good!

No matter what kind of futuristic payment solution you’re using, we think this coming year is an exciting sign of what’s to come. The tip of the iceberg, if you will. And while lots of great articles have been written by tech and business press about new and innovative payment solutions, we wanted to go straight to the source and find out what real people on the ground are trying and loving. 

So we started up a hashtag on Twitter to give people the opportunity to tell us in their own words which payment methods they’re trying out and what they think so far. We want to hear from you, first-hand. 

If you’d like to participate, write up a tweet and use hashtag #paidwith to tell us about your latest cool payment experience. Then check out the hashtag to see what everyone else is up to and what kinds of payments are trending.

Here are some of our favorite examples so far: 

Megan Scarborough @MegScarborough10 Jul

Well, I guess the future's here. Rent #paidwith @Dwolla this month.


Kevin Leahy @KvnLhy12 Jul

Just bought #CoffeeTown. #PaidWith @GoogleWallet. This better be good @CollegeHumor - jk


Vinny @therealfranzese15 Jul

Just got breakfast @CafeDeBoston and saved $2 bc I #paidwith @TheLevelUp! Not a bad way to start the week. 


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