The Adoption Curve in Mobile Payments

Merchant Warehouse |

March 26, 2013

The Adoption Curve in Mobile Payments

Merchant Warehouse Director of Product Marketing, Matt Cicciari, talks about the adoption curve for mobile payments and what early adopters are seeing by leveraging customer engagement

Video Transcript

What do you see as the adoption curve in mobile payments?

Matt Cicciari, Director of Product Marketing

The adoption curve in mobile payments, I think we're still very early on. There's a lot of different opportunities and options out there, different companies, different players. Some of the more savvy merchants that are working with Merchant Warehouse and the Genius customer engagement platform are recognizing that they can get first mover advantage. They're now taking that as an opportunity to drive more, better business for their stores, and that's an opportunity to gather those customers early on and make them loyal repeat customers for you today and tomorrow. By the time everybody else catches up, it's going to be too late.