Describe the benefits that Genius delivers for POS developers?

Merchant Warehouse |

December 13, 2012

Dan Dufault, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

An additional benefit, that Genius drives for our point of sale developers, can't be understated, and that's flexibility. It is absolutely critical that point of sales solution developers are able to drive solutions to their merchant customers, that offer flexibility in terms of accepting Payment Solutions new gift and loyalty programs, new mobile commerce solutions, all of those things, all of those added value pieces, that we're seeing in the marketplace today.

Those need to be made available to customers, and to merchants, alike. For point of sale developers, the challenge is, how do you deliver those without breaking the integration that they've spent so much time, money, and effort on? Both they, and the merchants. Well, Genius delivers that in a way that it is a one time integration, and those other opportunities, as they become available, as applications, ostensibly, as part of the platform, can be delivered real time, in a way that doesn't break the integration. It's truly a huge value add for the developer.