Discover the Difference with a Quality Merchant Account Provider

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November 16, 2010

There are various leading merchant account providers that have been providing competitive rates as well as outstanding service for years now. Among them, they have designed merchant account and credit card processing services for every type of business you can think of. After serving tens of thousands of merchants with integrity and effectiveness, the leading companies still pride themselves on being leaders in pricing, business ethics and high-quality customer service. No matter the size or type of business you’re running, you can expect the very best products, services and support from a major merchant account provider.

Real-Time Account Access

Let’s face it: merchants want continuous access to their account information, not merely a monthly statement. When it comes to customers of the top providers, they can usually get their account data online, including the transaction summaries and the batch detail reports, at any time of day or night. That means no more waiting for statements to arrive before balancing the books or make sales projections.

This is not some unimportant or useless feature. The more you know about your cash flow, you money transfers, your chargebacks and your other credit card-related transactions, the better you can plan for your business. Get the access you need whenever you want it and stay on top of your business. Leading companies will separate themselves from the pack with this kind of access.

24/7 Toll Free Customer Service

Reputable industry leaders have invested in first-rate staff, trained employees that are dedicated to your needs in every department from account service to equipment support. Those professionals are there for one purpose and that is for you, the customer. A leading merchant account provider will do whatever it takes to keep you up and running, by reducing processing errors and downtime as much as possible, as well as responding to your every request in a timely fashion.

Having a team of intelligent and top-notch staff members is only the beginning. As if that wasn’t excellent enough, leading firms will provide you with a network of service providers and service representatives ready to assist you with your merchant account – “24/7/365,” as they say, meaning absolutely total coverage and care, for every single moment you are an account holder. Once again, this is the sort of treatment that you will discover in the very best companies, so if you are not seeing this level of commitment from account providers that you are considering, you can correctly conclude that they are not, in fact, industry leaders.

No Downtime

A network must be state-of-the-art for you to feel secure in using it, and the only way to keep it up to date is to work at continuously improving it. A company’s dedication to their infrastructure and technology will provide the assurance that your transactions are always processed in a timely fashion. The best companies already know exactly when you need your money the most – right now! It is always “now” with a leading provider, and they are always on the job for you. Accept no less from anyone.

Peace of Mind

Among the top firms, there are experts in personalized customer service, people whose know-how can actually empower you to run your business better, without the hassles of worrying about your account or your credit card processing services. The most important thing to remember is that a top firm will probably not require contracts from their merchants, nor charge any early termination fees. These leading companies have worked very hard to establish a high level of trust, and they all strive to be consistent and supportive. In fact, the best of the best will do anything they can to keep you satisfied and coming back for more.

A first-rate provider will gain its satisfaction form your satisfaction. No top firm will ever mind proving their claims, or meeting their competitions’ offers. A major merchant account provider will always give you an honest review of competitive quotes or offers – whether you choose them or not.
Although it is true that there is spirited competition among the leading companies, they do all belong to the same industry and adhere to the same legal and ethical requirements. There is a certain pride that the top firms have, both in their companies and in the industry as a whole. For a major merchant account provider, it is important to keep the collective reputation good and represent the industry with integrity. If the companies you are considering don’t measure up to these high standards, then you need to keep looking. There are a number of fine firms that are ready and waiting to serve you, right now.