Top 3 Items for Point of Sale Developers to Focus in the Future

Merchant Warehouse |

April 11, 2013

Top 3 Items for POS Developers

Founder & CEO of Lightspeed, Dax Dasilva, talks with Merchant Warehouse on the top three items that Point of Sale Developers should be focused on to best prepare for what's coming in the future.

Video Transcription

What do you see as the top three focus items for POS developers in the future?

Dax Dasilva, Founder & CEO, Lightspeed

I think right now, one of the key things is Omni-Channel Retailing, and Lightspeed does that really, really well; because it was designed as a single platform that touches the tablet, desktop, mobile, and online. Everywhere the customer interacts with a store. That's like a really difficult thing, to tie all those things together. Typically, retailers buy separate systems and cobble them, Frankenstein them together and end up with a subtotal of a lot less than the parts. I think when you start with a system that's conceived to be able to interact with a customer and delight the customer at different points; and all feed into the same systems, you get a lot of benefits that move the needle.

One of the other things, of course, is payments; keeping ahead of the curve on payments and mobile wallets, that's a big challenge for us. Choosing Genius is a big factor in helping solve that problem, then I think loyalty, as well. I think that the Omni-Channel sort of stuff, helps at least with Lightspeed, helps drive people into the retail stores, and I think loyalty programs as well, are going to help get people off the couch and into the store. I think that's really what brick and mortar retailers are excited to invest in.