What does the future hold for Mobile Payments?

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February 20, 2013

Mobile Payments

Dan Dufault, Merchant Warehouse's EVP of Marketing and Solution Innovation, looks at the future of mobile payments, as well as who and what will be driving adoption and innovation in 2013 and beyond. Video Transcript There are vastly different opinions, or predictions, as to who...

What are the 3 Key Benefits to Genius Integration

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February 13, 2013

Genius Integration

Merchant Warehouse's VP of Partner Channel and National Accounts, Jim Fink, discusses the main benefits that Merchant Warehouse Point of Sale partners receive by integrating with the Genius Customer Engagement Platform.  Video TranscriptAs you continue to integrate...

Introducing Genius: Payments and Business Growth Meet at the Transaction

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January 31, 2013


Boston, Mass. -- January 31, 2013 -- There’s a big divide between the 20-to-30-year-old technology sitting on most merchants’ countertops and the new world of payment, loyalty and rewards offerings entering the market daily. Technologies such as mobile, NFC, QR codes...

Retail Payments in 2013

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January 30, 2013

Retail TouchPoints

At this year's National Retail Federation’s Retail Big Show, Alicia Fiorletta from Retail TouchPoints sat with Merchant Warehouse CEO Henry Helgeson, and EVP, Sales and Marketing, Dan Dufault to review both the state of the payments industry and look ahead at what's in store for...

Customer Engagement

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January 16, 2013

Customer engagement involves the ongoing interactive relationship between a customer and a particular business or brand. Instead of thinking exclusively about siloed touch points, businesses work to maintain an continuous dialogue with customers through all available channels....

Mobile Payments and Your Business

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January 11, 2013

Mobile Payments and Your Business

While Business owners previously offered their customers a choice between "Cash or Credit?" , mobile payments offer a myriad of choices and potential issues for merchants looking to engage with their customer base. Should you install a QR code reading terminal? EMV? NFC? Which...

Customer Loyalty Starts with Service

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January 8, 2013

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is defined as, “attracting the right customer, getting them to buy, buy often, buy in higher quantities and bring even more customers.” As companies develop and refine their respective plans of attack for loyalty, the focus is typically centered on rewards and...

The Future of the Merchant Customer Experience

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December 6, 2012

Dan Dufault, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing The future of the merchant customer experience, that future is happening right now. The dynamic that is expected from a consumer perspective and from a merchant perspective is far different. The advent of integrated...

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile … and Point-of-Sale

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December 4, 2012

Mobile Payments and POS

Mobile is the hottest topic in payments and its one of the most popular technology topics as well. From statistics relative to consumer smartphone purchases, which are reportedly up 47 percent year-over-year, to predictions around mobile device purchases, which IDC forecasts...

Customer Engagement and the Point of Sale

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November 15, 2012

Dan Dufault, Executive Vice President, Sales and MarketingA customer engagement device really changes the dynamic on the merchant counter top. The Genius customer engagement device is that open platform that promises to deliver all of the things, the advancements in...