Merchant Warehouse Strengthens Leadership with Key Addition to Executive Management Team

August 30, 2011

Seasoned professionals to drive continued growth in revenue, partner and customer expereince channels Merchant Warehouse, a leading innovator in secure payment processing solutions and merchant account services, today announced a key hire to its Executive Management Team with...

How Important is Customer Service? Co-CEO Henry Helgeson Weighs In

July 22, 2011

How important is customer service? In the cover story of the Transaction Trends July issue, Merchant Warehouse's Co-CEO Henry Helgeson discusses how ISO's can be better service providers. Helgeson talks about a proactive versus reactive approach to customer service for merchants...

Merchant Warehouse Wins Stevie Award for Outstanding Sales and Customer Service

March 2, 2011

Merchant Warehouse named a Winner for Sales Lead Management System of the Year Merchant Warehouse, a premier provider of merchant accounts and credit card processing solutions, announced today that the company was presented with a Stevie Award for Sales Lead Management System...

Co-CEO Henry Helgeson featured in Digital Transactions Magazine

February 1, 2011

Merchant Warehouse Co-CEO Henry Helgeson was featured in the February edition of Digital Transactions magazine. The article, The War on Attrition discusses the high attrition rates in the merchant account service industry and the likelihood of the rates staying high as the...

Advice on Addressing Customer Satisfaction

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December 10, 2010

Customer satisfaction is essential to the success of every business. No matter what your product or service, no matter who your clients are, satisfying them and keeping them happy remains key to profit and growth. It was not for nothing that Ford Motors used “Quality is...

Avoiding Additional Charges on Your Merchant Account

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November 17, 2010

When it comes to the process of selecting a new service provider for your business, at times it can become a challenge that you’re not necessarily ready for. Of course, don’t get any false hopes of getting out of paying transaction fees and in addition to that, you may run...

Discover the Difference with a Quality Merchant Account Provider

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November 16, 2010

There are various leading merchant account providers that have been providing competitive rates as well as outstanding service for years now. Among them, they have designed merchant account and credit card processing services for every type of business you can think of....

Advice on Selecting a Merchant Account

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November 14, 2010

Choosing a merchant account provider is like any other business decision you make. It’s important. These days, of course, they are all important. Obviously, you have to consider every one of the many variables, both positive and negative, and need to get honest answers to...

Don't Change Processors Based On Rates Alone

September 9, 2008

Risks of Changing Processors Due to Lower Rates Some merchants call to cancel their merchant accounts because they believe they are offered better rates from other processors.  They tend to jump to conclusions and want to cancel, not realizing we can match or beat anyone else'...

Holiday Shopping Fraud Prevention

October 30, 2007

This holiday season, Merchant Warehouse, a Boston-based provider of merchant accounts and credit card equipment, reminds consumers that while online shopping has become every bit as safe as making purchases at a store, taking simple steps to prevent credit card fraud can go a...