20 Minute Insights with Jason Sherman - Mobile Payments

Jason Sherman

April 18, 2014

Mobile Payments

An in-depth look at one of the hottest topics in the payments industry today - "Mobile". Examining mobile commerce, mobile acceptance, and mobile payments, Merchant Warehouse's Sales Training Coordinator, Jason Sherman, provides viewers with all the latest information they need...

I Used My Isis Wallet, And I Have an iPhone

Jenn Reichenbacher | VIEW PROFILE

March 18, 2014


NFC, BLE, something new – as the world waits on Apple® to see what they do or do not include in the next iPhone®, existing users have a new way to pay today. While iPhone users have been able to pay by phone using QR codes through digital wallets (LevelUp), mobile commerce...

Merchant Warehouse Supports Isis SmartTap® in Boston

Merchant Warehouse | VIEW PROFILE

February 11, 2014


Company brings new mobile commerce offers platform to SMB merchants BOSTON, MA – February 11, 2014 -- Merchant Warehouse®, a leading provider of payment technologies and merchant services, today announced it is bringing Isis SmartTap® capabilities to the point-of-sale (POS) at...

Merchant Warehouse Offers ISIS SmartTap for SMBs

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November 18, 2013


Today, Merchant Warehouse is thrilled to announce a new element of our partnership with ISIS that enables ISIS SmartTap capabilities for small and medium-sized merchants throughout the country. With SmartTap, merchants using Merchant Warehouse’s Genius Customer Engagement...

Saved by the ‘Shark’ – Leveraging a Valuable Tool

Dominic Lachowicz | VIEW PROFILE

November 14, 2013


Fifteen years ago Gerald Combs released a little network protocol analyzer called Wireshark (then called Ethereal). At the time it only dissected five protocols and only ran on Linux and Solaris. He decided to share it with the world and released it as open source software...

SmartPhones: Leveraging Technology to Improve the In-Store Shopping Experience

Jenn Reichenbacher | VIEW PROFILE

November 7, 2013

Leveraging Technology to Improve the In-Store Shopping Experience

 If you own a brick-and-mortar retail business and cringe whenever you witness customers wielding smartphones, you might want to rethink things a little. We've all heard horror stories about people visiting local businesses, scoping out the merchandise and then using their...

Payment Technologies: Analysis and Guidance for Merchants

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October 22, 2013

Payment Technologies: Analysis and Guidance for Merchants

In the past five years, the point-of-sale (POS) terminal landscape has changed significantly. Prior to the launch and mass consumer adoption of smartphones, merchants relied exclusively on legacy POS systems for consumer checkout, but in the years since, new technologies and...

Money 2020 Recap

Jenn Reichenbacher | VIEW PROFILE

October 16, 2013

Money2020 2013

Billed as the ‘standard for events in Emerging Payments and Financial Services’ this year’s Money2020 conference did not disappoint. In only its second year, the event far exceeded year one totals with more than 4,250 attendees, 1,500 companies representing over 50 countries and...

Comparing QR Codes vs NFC in the Battle for Your Mobile Wallet

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October 7, 2013

Comparing QR Codes vs NFC

Currently two forms of mobile technology are leading the charge in the race to for mobile wallet supremacy. The major players in the field are currently focused on leveraging either QR codes or NFC technology in their efforts to replace your current credit card, with their...

The Mobile Payments Revolution

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April 18, 2013

The Mobile Payments Revolution

2012 saw some major leaps forward for the payments industry. Between Square, PayPal, Google Wallet, Isis, LevelUp and MCX, the mobile payment wars have just started to get exciting. This report from Merchant Warehouse will provide you with an up-to-date overview of the current...