What is vPromos?

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February 13, 2013


New mobile applications continue to enter the payments marketplace servicing a wide variety of needs for merchants and consumers alike. With dozens of entries flooding the space each month, it’s our goal with, what has now become our ‘What Is’ series, to provide brief overviews...

What is Perka?

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February 7, 2013


As consumers we have all most likely used a traditional loyalty card at one time or another. Whether at a neighborhood sandwich shop, offering a buy 10 get one free, or a local coffee shop promoting their ‘coffee club’, printed ‘punch cards’ have been a popular offering from...

What is Punchcard?

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January 29, 2013


Most customers know what a ‘punch card’ is as it relates to merchant based loyalty programs. Historically, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) distributed paper cards, most often the size of a business card, to customers to reward them for coming back. While offers were...

Loyalty Program

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January 15, 2013

Loyalty programs deliver rewards for customers whose buying behaviors benefit a firm. These programs seek to cultivate both high-volume purchasing and a positive attitude toward a brand. The Chicago Tribune reports that the average American household joins 18 loyalty programs...

Customer Loyalty Starts with Service

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January 8, 2013

Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is defined as, “attracting the right customer, getting them to buy, buy often, buy in higher quantities and bring even more customers.” As companies develop and refine their respective plans of attack for loyalty, the focus is typically centered on rewards and...

A Day in the Life of a Mobile Consumer


December 18, 2012

Buying Donuts with Mobile Phone

According to a recent survey, The Harris Poll, I am in the minority in terms of consumer buying behavior. This classification is not because I am a super-frugal person (I am not), but rather because of “how” I choose to spend my money. Huh? Let me clarify: I am part of the “4...

What is Belly?

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December 13, 2012


Today’s customer is crazy for loyalty and, while many businesses invest the majority of their resources in attracting new customers, a more economical and more valuable business opportunity sits with retention. In fact, research from Flowtown estimates that it is six or seven...

Describe the benefits that Genius delivers for POS developers?

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December 13, 2012

Dan Dufault, Executive Vice President, Sales and MarketingAn additional benefit, that Genius drives for our point of sale developers, can't be understated, and that's flexibility. It is absolutely critical that point of sales solution developers are able to drive solutions to...

Three Keys to Retaining Customers

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December 12, 2012

Customer Retention

Many small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) focus primarily on new customer acquisition versus customer retention, but what is sometimes forgotten is that the cost of acquisition far exceeds the expenses associated with retention. Research from Flowtown estimates that it is six...

The Future of the Merchant Customer Experience

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December 6, 2012

Dan Dufault, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing The future of the merchant customer experience, that future is happening right now. The dynamic that is expected from a consumer perspective and from a merchant perspective is far different. The advent of integrated...