15 Years in Payments with CEO Henry Helgeson

Dan Dufault | VIEW PROFILE

March 13, 2013

15 Years in Payments

As Merchant Warehouse celebrates its 15th anniversary, I sat down with our co-founder and CEO Henry Helgeson to gain his perspective on the payments industry, how it has evolved since the company’s inception in 1998 and where it’s headed.   Me: Henry, how would you...

How Fast Food Can Capitalize on Mobile Commerce


March 8, 2013

White Castle Mobile App

As a savvy consumer, I am drawn to the latest in payment technology. In particular, I like solutions that leverage my smartphone while providing added value during the purchasing process. Recently, I had a great experience with the White Castle® mobile app by Infor Restaurant...

Who are the leaders in Mobile Wallet adoption?

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March 7, 2013

Mobile Wallet Adoption

Merchant Warehouse Director of Product Marketing, Matt Cicciari, looks at mobile payment adoption rates and applications available in the market todayVideo Transcript What are your predictions in terms of mobile wallet adoption? Do you foresee a clear-cut leader? Matt Cicciari...

Why Wait for a Leader to Emerge? Execute Your mCommerce Strategy Today!

Matt Cicciari

March 6, 2013

Mobile Commerce

I just finished reading, “Mobile Payment Platform Wars: LevelUp, Paydiant, PayPal, & More” by Gregory T. Huang on the Xconomy website, and I am reminded of the common question I get asked whenever I speak at a conference or attend a mobile payment industry event: “Who...

What does the future hold for Mobile Payments?

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February 20, 2013

Mobile Payments

Dan Dufault, Merchant Warehouse's EVP of Marketing and Solution Innovation, looks at the future of mobile payments, as well as who and what will be driving adoption and innovation in 2013 and beyond. Video Transcript There are vastly different opinions, or predictions, as to who...

What is FreebeePay?

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February 18, 2013


Mobile applications are a $6 billion market today and, according to 2012 predictions from industry leading analyst firm, Forrester, that market is expected to grow nearly ten fold to more than $55 billion by 2015. While the world of mobile applications ranges widely from games...

What are the Benefits of In-Store Mobile Commerce

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February 11, 2013

Benefits of In-Store Mobile Commerce

We often think of mobile’s role in commerce as simply allowing the consumer to do research in the store and make their purchases elsewhere, the dreaded "showrooming". Increasingly, though, shoppers are using their smartphones to actually purchase items, replacing their credit...

Choosing the Right Payments Partner


February 11, 2013

Payment Partner

Today, more so then ever, value-added resellers and independent software vendors need to align themselves with a trusted payments partner. Much has been made about the emerging payments taking over the industry with mobile, contactless and chip-and-pin all figuring to be part of...

Mobile Commerce

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January 16, 2013

As originally used in 1997, the term mobile commerce describes the use of wireless technology to let consumers shop anywhere. Modern usage of the term typically describes any technology that brings retail straight to customers' hands. Mobile commerce includes many new...

A Day in the Life of a Mobile Consumer


December 18, 2012

Buying Donuts with Mobile Phone

According to a recent survey, The Harris Poll, I am in the minority in terms of consumer buying behavior. This classification is not because I am a super-frugal person (I am not), but rather because of “how” I choose to spend my money. Huh? Let me clarify: I am part of the “4...