Common Themes at the Mobile Payments Conference

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February 4, 2014

Mobile Payments Conference

This was my first time attending the Mobile Payments Conference (MPC). Organizer TMCNet mixed things up a bit for 2014, moving the location from New York to Miami and running the event in parallel to one of their larger conferences, ITExpo. Not sure of what to expect, I went in...

Merchant Warehouse Announces the 2013 Q4 State of the Payments Industry Report

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December 16, 2013

2013 Q4 State of the Payments

The payments industry is changing at a rapid pace, bringing new technologies to the merchant countertop that will forever change the merchant-consumer interaction. To help retailers more effectively navigate the changing payments landscape, Merchant Warehouse, a leading...

How to Fund a Mobile Wallet

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October 3, 2013

Funding a Mobile Wallet

Mobile wallet apps are proliferating like crazy today as every developer seeks to grab a slice of the consumer pie. Of course, building a mobile wallet app is easier said than done. There are plenty of hurdles -- in the form of security concerns and regulations -- that...

Leveraging New Technologies: Tablet Based Point-of-Sale (POS)

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September 26, 2013

Tablet Based Point-of-Sale

Over the past two years, the world of point-of-sale (POS) has evolved significantly. Capitalizing on the affordability, capability and platforms of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), a new crop of developers has opened up a world of opportunity in the world of POS. Often...

How (and Why) I Buy?

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September 6, 2013

How (and Why) I Buy?

Being in the payments space for over a year now, I have a newfound interest in how people buy (credit, debit, cash) and what drives consumer purchases (sales, coupons, convenience, loyalty etc.). As I continue to research and observe others, I’ve also began to take an...

EMV – Merchant Benefits Beyond Security

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August 20, 2013

EMV – Merchant Benefits Beyond Security

As the US payments space continues its evolution to EMV for brick and mortar merchants (card-present transactions), ATMs and fuel stations, there are additional opportunities for payment processors, point-of-sale (POS) developers and merchants to leverage EMV. While enhanced...

RSPA RetailNow 2013: Hot Topics

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August 13, 2013

RSPA RetailNow 2013

RSPA (Retail Solutions Providers Association) is the only association dedicated to the retail technology industry. Their members include resellers, distributors, hardware manufacturers, software developers, consultants and service providers who bring retail technology solutions...

Mobile POS - Merchant Concerns

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August 8, 2013

Mobile POS - Merchant Concerns

The market for mobile POS systems is rapidly evolving, but there are considerations that merchants should understand before implementing in-store mobile solutions. As with any new technology the most common concern of merchants is cost, but mobile POS systems may be implemented...

Merchant Warehouse Enables Omni-Channel Commerce for Retailers

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August 6, 2013

Omni-Channel Commerce

Introduces Unified Solution for e-Commerce, In-Store and Mobile Payment Acceptance Boston, MA – August 6, 2013 – Merchant Warehouse®, a leading innovator of payment technologies and merchant account services, today announced the omni-channel extension of their Genius™...

Excited About the Future of Payments? Tell Us What You #PaidWith!

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July 29, 2013


Is this the year that mobile payments finally comes into its own? We think so! Consumers everywhere are starting to use mobile and other alternative payment forms on an increasingly regular basis. Whether you’re using the Starbucks mobile app to purchase your latté, swiping...