Website Credit Card Processing - Leads to Increased Sales

Merchant Warehouse |

December 7, 2010

Internet Merchant Accounts are quite popular these days due to all of the convenient features offered, as well as how secure it has become in the last few years. Ecommerce retailers have been increasing their sales and profits by providing the options of online credit and debit card transactions. Whatever makes it faster and easier for a consumer to make a purchase is good for business, and the modern approach to credit card processing does just that.

The ability to accept a payment from a customer and have it processed immediately is convenient and pretty much hassle-free for both the merchant and the customer. Accepting debit or credit payments through a website can help increase sales levels immediately, and immediacy is an Internet characteristic that works many ways. It is a reminder to online retailers that time really is of the essence, in credit card processing like everything else.

Faster All the Time

As businesses continue learning about the purchasing habits of today’s consumers, they can continue adapting. It is already well established that consumers make decisions about purchases quickly in the online space, usually within seconds. This is why Internet businesses are geared primarily toward credit and debit card sales, and why these cards have become a hot commodity among buyers.

This is especially true during the holiday season. Thousands of people shop online each and every year for Christmas gifts. It’s a timesaver and almost everyone has a credit or debit card these days. It’s wise for merchants to have their online business set up for every kind of payment card – credit, debit, gift, rewards – and have the capability to incorporate any new kinds that come along. This variety of payment options alone can increase your revenue, as customers will want to buy from a site that makes it easy to use any of the different payment options, especially one that charges nothing extra for credit card processing.

Time Counts, too

Ecommerce systems have the ability to handle all of the financial processing for a business’s website, all the way to the point that they deposit the funds for the merchant directly into a business checking or savings account. Merchant accounts are necessary for the acceptance of credit or debit cards, of course, but many business owners do not take advantage of the expertise these companies have. There is plenty of marketing, financing, advertising and business-building advice available from the account executives and customer service representatives of the leading-edge processors. Don’t be shy. Ask for help and take the (good) advice.

There are several method used for credit card processing, online and offline. Certain processors will provide you with a “package deal” that includes the software that is needed to integrate with accounting programs, a payment gateway and even a wireless terminal you could use in the field. For companies that are 100% online, however, equipment needs are minimal, and your own office PC (assuming it is not a DOS dinosaur) should have sufficient horsepower to run any processing software.

Real-time processing and the technology that has been developed to implement and maintain “cyberstores” has come long way, quite quickly, and is actually quite awesome. Virtual terminals and payment gateways are used to transmit a safe and secure “packet” of information from the customer’s card to the merchant’s payment processor. These systems are generally encrypted with a secure channel, keeping a customer’s private information safe during the entire credit card processing step, which is a very important feature to everyone, customer and merchant alike.

Into the Future

Software programs for online credit card processing must have the capacity to grow along with the business, just as the business must adapt to changing customer preferences. These programs are offered on a very affordable basis (even free) to merchants as part of a package deal, but you can buy any number of very capable applications that will be compatible with just about every reputable processor.

It is always a good idea to investigate and do some initial price comparisons before settling on a merchant account provider that offers credit card processing options. Although ecommerce is widely used, and is a popular choice for most merchants, not every processing company will be right for your business. Be on the lookout for companies that charge initial setup fees and have costly monthly fees. Internet merchant accounts can be costly at times, of course, but that is usually the result of doing something wrong that leads to returns and chargebacks.

When you get your list down to a manageable number of candidates, perhaps five, make sure to research the different companies’ prices, guarantees and reputation. A reputable company will offer reasonable fees and never ask for a setup fee. Mind your P’s and Q’s and always have your wits about you when deciding on an online payment provider. It could men the difference between the eventual success and failure of your business. Credit card processing is a simple, straightforward way to increase your sales, but it is not always simple or easy to keep track of all the nickel and dimes that can eat away at your profits. Credit card processing is one subject that, when you are finished studying, you need to begin again because things change so quickly. Stay on top of it, and you will increase your chances of continuing success.