What is Customer Engagement?

Merchant Warehouse |

March 4, 2013

Customer Engagement

Matt Cicciari, Merchant Warehouse Director of Product Marketing, details what "Customer Engagement" means for Merchants and Consumers, and how Genius brings customer engagement to their countertop.


Genius is positioned as a 'Customer Engagement Platform.' Can you elaborateon what that means respectively, for merchants and for consumers?

Matt Cicciari, Director of Product Marketing

Genius as a customer engagement platform for merchants means that they have one single, common, familiar device that sits on their countertop, that they're used to having, their clerks are used to interacting with, but more importantly, the consumers are used to and familiar with how they can interact and complete their payments. So, from the merchant point of view, it's simplicity and familiarity, and then on top of that, the flexibility of giving them the ability to select any and all payment program types that their market, their customers are demanding. They can be very responsive to that.

From the consumer side, the platform means the choice and the flexibility to choose what's right for them and not having to worry about picking and choosing between one over the other. They choose what's right for them, and they know that they can go anywhere and have it accepted.