What is Genius STX?

Merchant Warehouse |

October 12, 2012

Dan Dufault, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Genius STX is a really important part of the launch of the Genius product family. Genius STX has been designed specifically for those merchants who are not using integrated point of sale. They want the same value and the same flexibility that they see in the other parts of the Genius platform, but is delivered in a way that it doesn't need to be integrated into a point of sale system, it stands alone. So whether or not the customer wants to be able to use the traditional swipe, NFC (Near Field Communication), EMV technology, or any of the advancements that are coming down the pipe, STX delivers those and more, including QR Codes; so some of the newer systems that we're seeing in the market place, STX delivers them in a really compelling way, that future proofs the merchant such that they are protected against those things that are coming down the pipe, advancements that they want to take advantage of, but from a cost standpoint dont want to place the risk, or all their eggs in one basket so to speak, with Genius they maintain that flexibility, they minimize their risk, and they really optimize the value that they are delivering to their customers.