What is Perka?

Shannon Andrade |

February 7, 2013


As consumers we have all most likely used a traditional loyalty card at one time or another. Whether at a neighborhood sandwich shop, offering a buy 10 get one free, or a local coffee shop promoting their ‘coffee club’, printed ‘punch cards’ have been a popular offering from small and mid-sized business for decades. The challenge with these cards is that they are cumbersome. Customers today don’t want to have to carry around a stack of business card sized ‘loyalty cards’, nor do they want to be saddled with managing their rewards. Yes, they do want to receive rewards and be appreciated for being a loyal customer.  

Today, the world of loyalty is going mobile. Amongst dozens of popular mobile applications dedicated to or offering integrated loyalty is Perka. Originally launched in October 2011, Perka is a mobile marketing and customer loyalty application engineered to help businesses maintain profitable, long-term relationships with their ‘regular’ customers. Their offering, designed specifically for small businesses, rewards customers based on the frequency of their visits. Each program is customizable for the individual business and also features program overview analytics, individual customer data, the ability to create and deliver specialized promotions in real-time, and an integrated mechanism to collect customer feedback after each visit.

And, in December the company introduced their new Flexpoints™ service, a subscription-based loyalty program that rewards customers based on their actual purchase amount and not just the fact that they made a purchase.

Unlike some other loyalty programs that are based on visits, Perka only counts actual customer purchases, as verified by merchant employees. Customers introduce themselves via name, which enhances engagement, streamlines the checkout process, and promotes an overall better customer-merchant experience.

Available on both Android and iOS, Perka has now been implemented by more than 500 small businesses throughout the U.S. and worldwide and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

New mobile applications continue to enter the payments marketplace servicing a wide variety of needs for merchants and consumers alike. With dozens of entries flooding the space each month, it’s our goal with, what has now become our ‘What Is’ series, to provide brief overviews of many of the new apps available. Giving merchants and developers an up-to-date look at the opportunities and technology currently available to them in the market today.