What led you to Genius?

Merchant Warehouse |

October 30, 2012

Henry Helgeson, CEO

Genius was a concept that started in mid-2011. We started looking at mobile payments and how they were going to impact the industry. And really what drove this was in September of 2011, Visa was put out there. Their TIP program, the Visa TIP program that incented merchants to improve the technology on their counter top, accept EMV and NFC. And that's really when all this started to come to together, when we started to look at how to bring EMV and NFC to the merchant's counter top along with all these other new mobile payments. The idea just kind of fell in place at that point where we knew we had to give the merchants a lot and do it in an easy interface for the point-of-sale systems. That allowed us to just give them EMV, NFC, signature capture, pin debit, an out of scope solution. And the we had to worry about all these other new mobile payment forms, form factors that weren't even around at the time. So it was really the Visa TIP program that inspired the whole program.