Who are the leaders in Mobile Wallet adoption?

Merchant Warehouse |

March 7, 2013

Mobile Wallet Adoption

Merchant Warehouse Director of Product Marketing, Matt Cicciari, looks at mobile payment adoption rates and applications available in the market today

Video Transcript

What are your predictions in terms of mobile wallet adoption? Do you foresee a clear-cut leader?

Matt Cicciari, Director of Product Marketing

For mobile wallet adoption, there's a lot of talk around who's going to emerge as the one single dominant leader, and I kind of use an analogy that it really doesn't matter who is going to be the one single emergent leader. There could be multiple dominant players. Case in point, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. There is no one single dominant leader. Merchants and consumers use those all the time.

So it really comes down to the preference and the choice and the availability. As long as you can adopt and leverage that ability to make that payment, that's a good thing. From a consumer standpoint, they have more flexibility in choice. From the merchant point of view, they don't have to worry about turning paying customers away.