Why Choose an Integrated Payment Solution?

Merchant Warehouse |

March 26, 2014

Integrated Payment Solution

Is your business leveraging an integrated payment solution for your sales? If not, you could be missing out! Learn more about the advantages of an integrated solution with this video from Merchant Warehouse.


Video Transcript

If you have a POS system, and, are not using an integrated payment solution you may be over paying, putting your business at risk, and, creating unnecessary roadblocks for support. Integrating your payment processing services with your POS system will save you time, and, money, and, provide you with lower processing costs, enhance security, and, streamline support.

Low costs. By using Merchant Warehouse to process your credit cards you avoid all third party processing fees, and, additional set up, and, transaction fees, and, avoid expensive contracts. You'll also receive our guaranteed meet, or, beat pricing.

Enhance security. Using a payment option that's integrated to your point of sale also enhances payment security. When you use one of Merchant Warehouses PCI compliance solutions not sensitive card data is shared with your POS, eliminating many of the burdens PCI compliance creates for your business.

Streamline support. By using an integrated payment solution with your POS you can eliminate the need for third party support issues, and, will receive award winning 24/7, 365 customer service.This means you'll no longer need multiple contacts, and, phone numbers for the same process.

Discover the full potential of what a Merchant Warehouse partnership will deliver for you, and, your customer.