Wireless Credit Card Machines – An Important Step toward an Independent Business

Merchant Warehouse |

December 7, 2010

When you develop a sense of what you want to do in business and begin the formal steps of establishing your company, one of the most important things you can attend to is decide how you will get paid for your efforts. This is a decision that your merchant service provider or bank representative can easily help you with as you set up a merchant account. Since most business is transacted with credit cards in this fast-paced world economy, it is a good idea to establish a good merchant bank account that enables you to accept credit cards.

While many small businesses would rather take cash or checks for direct payment, when launching a start-up the prospect of taking credit cards is something that must be carefully considered.

Both small retailers and web store companies are unaware of their immediate future in these uncertain times, and so will use online payment processors, such as PayPal, CCBILL or JetBill, which offer their services to a variety of businesses. Often, however, such processors’ rates are much higher than those offered by more traditional merchant service providers, and there may be regular delays in processing the payment using these services. While this may be an easy way to begin, as your business grows greatly and handles more sales volume you might want to look at other options.

Tailoring your Account

After you enter into the process of securing your merchant services account, your provider will want to find out more about your needs. It might be that you require a wireless credit card machine because of the nature of your traveling business or a remote location that you operate from. A representative should be able to help you solve this by providing useful information and options.

If you conduct business over the Internet and do not have a dedicated server, look for a merchant account that does business through a Secure Socket Layer, which is a security protocol that is widely used among online businesses worldwide. Since you may not see an online merchant service provider face-to-face, perform solid research on the company you are considering. Does it have a good ranking with the Better Business Bureau? Make sure that its customer support is comprehensive, as well.

Wireless for Growth

Wireless credit card machines themselves can help propel you towards independence as your company grows and flourishes. Many wireless credit card systems combine the inexpensive cellular telephone technologies with the capabilities of a point-of-sale terminal. Many integrate the security and functionality of a traditional POS terminal with the convenience of a mobile phone to create a terminal that accepts payments anywhere at any time. These devices generally support credit and PIN-based debit cards in a single terminal.

There are many benefits to wireless credit cards that will keep your company going fast and growing strong, such as that they work virtually anywhere there is a cell telephone signal. In addition, they can support most major processors, and many support credit and PIN-pad debit in one terminal. Reputable processors often have complete training and 24-hour support available. In many cases, wireless credit card machines support invoice numbers, cash receipts, AVS, CVV2 and Amex CID.

Good for One, Good for All

There are a huge number of industries that can be serviced with great wireless credit card machine technology, such as retail stores, bars, restaurants, travel and accommodation firms, entertainment businesses, direct marketing, traveling sales representatives and many more.

Ultimately, wireless credit card machine technology helps greatly improve your company’s earnings by enabling you to use and accept all major bank and credit cards. It draws new customers who recognize the legitimacy of your company by your acceptance of major credit cards and simply because more customers spend more money with those cards.

For companies that do great deal of remote work, such as food delivery or traveling sales, it is one of the safest options for payment, since the sales representative does not have to carry cash for change. In many cases, processing fees can be lowered by guaranteeing your merchant service provider a greater volume of sales, which you will naturally receive as customers want to spend more with credit cards remotely.

Fast and Efficient

In terms of rapid processing, wireless credit card machines communicate directly to processors, unlike in the past when merchants had to spend time conducting phone authorizations. Of course, this cuts down customer waiting time and helps ensure a satisfied customer population, which leads to more sales.

Many wireless credit card machines have gateway servers that authenticate connections, establish an encrypted wireless communication channel and provide remote terminal management and maintenance applications. Many wireless credit card machines, because they may not be close to a cellular signal, will store hundreds of transactions before sending off a batch later on. These wireless machines will provide high performance but are optimized for low power consumption. Mobile thermal printers on such machines allow for immediate hard copy of receipts for quick review.

While they perform all of the traditional functions of landline credit card terminals, they may be used as either stationary units or literally “in-motion” units, like those for taxi service. In addition to traditional magnetic stripe card readers, many machines offer smart card readers as well, which are the next generation of credit card information storage.

Ultimately, wireless credit card machines save time and money in more ways than one, thus enabling you and your business to thrive now, while moving ahead into a more prosperous future.