Wireless Credit Card Processing

For years the payment options for mobile merchants were limited to either cash or check. Today, wireless credit card machines have given mobile merchants access to the same credit card authorization networks as retail businesses.

This new technology has allowed the benefits of security and additional sales to merchants who previously had to handle cash or take the risk of accepting checks. As a bonus, wireless credit card processing is typically faster than traditional landline processing. And, since wireless terminals work off of the reliable Verizon and AT&T/Cingular networks, merchants can process secure transactions virtually anywhere in the country.

Merchant Warehouse has a complete line of solutions for mobile merchants or any businesses which wants the added flexibility and opportunity wireless credit card processing offers. Whether you own a small pizza delivery shop or a large concert vending service, Merchant Warehouse has a wireless credit card processing and merchant account solution for your business.

You will find useful information in the links to the left that will help you set up a merchant account and get started doing wireless credit card processing. As always, if you have further questions feel free to call us at the number above.

How Wireless Credit Card Processing Works

wireless credit card processingThe model below describes how wireless credit card processing works and how merchants can use a wireless credit card machine to complete sales at any mobile venue.

  1. The merchant slides the customer's card through the wireless credit card machine and enters the sale amount. Using a technology similar to a cell phone, the terminal connects to a radio tower and sends the credit card information and amount of the purchase.

  2. The transaction information is routed to Merchant Warehouse’s processor.
  3. The processor passes that information onto the bank that issued the credit card (issuing bank). The issuing bank checks to see if the card is valid and if the amount requested is available on the card and sets aside the amount of the purchase for the merchant.
  4. The issuing bank sends back an approval number or a decline message to the processor.
  5. The information is then passed back to the mobile credit card machine. It takes approximately 8-12 seconds to complete the transaction depending on the coverage available and network traffic.
  6. At the end of the day the merchant may manually "settle" their terminal which will begin the final process of the transaction. Once the settlement process is initiated the funds are transferred from the card issuing bank and deposited into the merchant's checking account within two business days from the time of the original transaction.

For more information on how wireless credit card processing works call us at the number at the top of the screen or request a merchant account online.


Wireless Credit Card Processing Tips

Follow the tips in this article and you’ll be sure to avoid any of the possible pitfalls of setting up a wireless credit card processing account.

Tips on setting up your Wireless Merchant Account

  • Check your wireless coverage network, and then check it again! There are several different networks for wireless credit card processing. Coverage for wireless credit card terminals can vary widely between networks and some are even being phased out. Ask your sales rep or account manager to tell you on what network their recommended hardware solution will work and then check coverage maps.
  • Give yourself a little extra time. While it's true that most wireless credit card processing accounts can be set up within a day or two, it does sometimes take a bit longer. A good wireless credit card processing tip is to start thinking about setting up your wireless merchant account at least a few weeks before you plan on using it.
  • Wireless credit card processing typically has a few different fees than traditional merchant account.Understand all of your wireless processing fees and make sure everything is disclosed. Be thorough examining the application and ask questions about fees you don't understand. Taking the time to go through the fees may save you an unpleasant surprise when you get your first merchant statement.
  • Inform your salesperson if you are a seasonal business. Many wireless credit card processing merchants are only in business for a few months out of the year. If this applies to you, make sure your salesperson is aware. Doing so will help avoid problems which can arise if your account has been inactive and suddenly reactivates when you re-open for business.

If you have further questions about merchant accounts or credit card machines, feel free to call us at the number at the top of the screen or request a merchant account online.


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